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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What goes around, comes back around, eventually...

Well, this might have been one of the most nostalgic visits for me, since the Latham Kids came to town and went above the 'City Cafe' (City Hall) into the hallways and rooms where they once played as children.

The Coffman Kids once again treaded across the tiles of the bank/drugstore. Their parents were Walter (Cut) and Kate Coffman who had an insurance company. They lived in the upstairs and unbeknownst to them, they walked all over those newspapers nestled under the rugs and linoleum. So, for the first time they laid eyes on a secret of their home place as they gazed upon the tables.

I'm a little confused on the 'timing' of it all. Remember how we found Dr. Taylor's 1940's secret newspapers under the carpet upstairs? How and when did they get there? And then there is Mr. Rogers who ran the drugstore? Was that at the same time these folks lived there or after they moved? These Coffmans remember the white carved scrolls in the carpet that kept the neswspapers a hidden mystery. Sooo, I don't know the time frame as well as I'd like to know. And I forgot to ask.

They recall going to Mr. Nix and paying him nine cents for a movie in the theater next door. If they were return customers and had already seen that particular show, then it was on the house. Skating was another pastime fondly filed in their memories. After school, if you ventured into the drugstore you might trip over a pile of school books littering the floor tiles. It was 'the hang out' spot for kids.

Joel (Joey) Lynn Coffman was bestman in Doug Moore's wedding, or at least that's what I think I overheard him telling Kent while I eavesdropped from the other side of the room. It may have been the other way around, not sure. Gail, Joey's wife, has done extensive research on the family ancestry. She found them as far back as Switzerland.

Alpha Ann Coffman was among the bunch. (Hope I spelled that right) She pointed to a scar that began at her forhead and went down through and under her eye. She would've lost it, had her dad not done an amazing thing. They had a car accident in the snow out by the turn before Hefner. None of the cars would start and Cut, her dad, scooped her up and ran with her all the way back to town. Dr. Heard stitched her up and saved her eyesight.

They peered at the poster announcing the Western Swing Street Dance on the 10th of July, and that jogged their memory, too. If memory serves them right, there was a city ordinance forbidding dancing after Lois had one at her house. And they recall having one in the upstairs living quarters of the bank during their lifetime. So, Caroline you better dig deep in those city annals and see if we are lawbreakers. There is a bingo ordinance, so surely we can get us a street dance ordinance overturned. They may decide to reopen them 'ole jail cells.

So now, some of their stories are carved here on this blog and in my heart. The past and the present for a moment were stitched together in time. There are some fuzzy puzzle pieces still to be found, but there's always the future.

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