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Goree is a quaint, quiet town with easy access to the lake, guided hunting/fishing, hunting lodges, RVing, camping and extremely affordable real estate for your very own hunting headquarters. Finally, Goree has the last stop for bait, beverages and snacks before heading to the lake, Millers Creek Reservoir.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guess Who...

...walked into the Goree Bank/Drug Store today? Keith Chamberlain...and this is what he said on facebook, of all places:

I asked Tammie for a withdrawal and then, a milk shake. The answer to both was a firm 'nope' and I was handed a red plastic cup of ice water. Can you believe that, a Bank with three safes and a Drug Store??? She did inform me that I could make a deposit. A short time ago, only fifty-five years, I drank one of the best ever milk shakes in that very room.

Now, if you do visit the Goree Bank/Drug Store, one thing you do get is excellent hospitality and interesting conversation. Nancy and I really enjoyed visiting with Tammie and the pretty young lady, Caroline Garcia, working with her today. Also they have done a fantastic job restoring the old building. You really need to see it to appreciate the work that has been done.

Now to let you in on something that I figured out after a tour around the building and seeing all the improvements and reconditioning. Money has to come from somewhere. If you are in Goree and need to make a withdrawal, go to the old Trainham Grocery building, now an ice plant, and look up Kent. I doubt you can get a loaf of bread, can of beans or package of potato chips, but Tammie has to be making 'withdrawals' somewhere, so ask Kent.

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