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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Tribute To Gary Hale

For Gary Hale~

The first day and first class of our sophomore year we were waiting for the teacher to come in when suddenly a new kid came sashaying into the room. We were all shocked as no one expected someone new.

This guy was a little short but stout, and had Glenn Campbell hair. You know - that not one hair out of place – look! Anyway he stopped near the teacher’s desk, with his head cocked a little and leaning on one hip. He just stood there for a long while gazing at each one of us, then came over and sat down behind me. I thought, “What’s this guy trying to pull?” His name was Gary Hale. Later in the year he admitted to Becky Hawkins and I that he was looking for someone to cheat off of that first day, and made a big mistake!

Gary turned into a good friend that year, though I didn’t care much for his music, except for the Johnny Cash stuff. I was quite shocked to hear of his passing the other day, didn’t know he had been in poor health. Gary had a confidence and manner about him that was quite commendable. My sympathy to Marsha and the family!

This is my third classmate to lose from two different small high schools and it’s always difficult. God bless us all!

David Kelley
-Arlington, Texas

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