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Monday, February 4, 2008

Prayer Alert~

Terry Patterson, Jonell's son, had an aortic aneurism last night. They performed surgery at 2:00 a.m. Please pray!

Terry Patterson is the son of Lee & Jonell Patterson. He graduated from G.H.S. in 1965. They lived north of Goree down on the river. My mother, Lorene Hunt, & Jonell are sisters. Their mother is Mamie Fitzgerald. I was just talking to my sister, Sharon Hunt Fox (1958) & she remembers you, Reba. She got out her 1953 annual when you were a Jr. I hope this sheds some light for all of you trying to figure out who Terry is. Thank you for being concerned & for all your prayers. If there are no other problems that arise, they say Terry is doing good. His recovery will be long. He has 9 months before Goree Homecoming! We believe that he will be there better than before!
Cindy Hunt McWhorter


Tammie said...

Bro. Gary and Jimmy just saw Terry..........talked to Judy and Whitney...He had 8cm. anureysm on the back side of his stomach,has had 10 units of blood and 2 units of platelets....on ventilator, will be for 2-3 48hrs very icu in cubicle 743..........Dortha Awalt fell early Sat. morning and fractured her hip, not a bad break...has had surgery it is fixed...they talked to her she is up walking today...doing very well...she is in room 503...11th street campus...same hospitol as Terry......THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Carlene

Cindy said...

We are asking everyone to be praying for Terry Patterson. He had a six hour emergency surgery last night in Wichita Falls. He had a ruptured anuerysm. He lost a lot of blood in the process. He was given ten units of blood during surgery. He was given a 50/50 chance of survival. He is stable this morning. They have called a critical care doctor in to see him. He is on a ventilator for now. When the surgeon came out after the surgery he said that Terry was one of the few that live through a ruptured anuerysm. We praise God for this blessing. All three of Terry's kids drove in during the night so they are there with Judy, Jonell, & Randy. I will keep you up to date on Terry's condition. Cindy McWhorter

Cindy said...

I just talked to Terry's daughter. They closed his incision today. They think he has another small aneurysm in his chest area but is not life threatening. They said if they did a catscan he would have to be moved around too much & they don't want that. His kidneys looked good & are producing urine. Still say that he will have a long recovery period. Keep praying----it's working!!
Thank you!
Cindy Hunt McWhorter

Jan said...

Here's a picture that Nan made of Terry on Saturday at Lorene's funeral. I hope you have your laptop with you in WF. I am trying to locate a Goree Wildcat football pic of Terry to send to the Goree Blog to exemplify Terry's fighting spirit. Hopefully I'll find mine tonight.
Tell Judy and family that all of his Class of '65 and several other exes I've contacted are praying for a speedy recovery, and we are thinking of Terry's loved ones during this time.
Jan Roberts

from Jimmy said...

I talked to Mandy, Terry's daughter, this afternoon. The doctor said that he was at the corner, but has not made the turn yet. I guess in other words he is doing good but he still has a way to go before he's out of the woods. Keep praying!