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Goree is a quaint, quiet town with easy access to the lake, guided hunting/fishing, hunting lodges, RVing, camping and extremely affordable real estate for your very own hunting headquarters. Finally, Goree has the last stop for bait, beverages and snacks before heading to the lake, Millers Creek Reservoir.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Artwork Is Here~

The artwork isn't complete, but on the Goree website there is a taste of what we are going for. Tommy Guy Waldrip is the artist and he is to be commended for his artwork. I am sure that we can cut corners on the cost by doing much of the work ourselves. It is amazing how many talented people are in and from Goree. Someone has offered to gather the rock from house by the Hutchen's. We'd like to know if that is actual rock brought in from Miller Creek, if not we may need rock from the lake for nostalgic purposes.

We have made progress in the direction of funding our beautification project which is called the GGG Campaign, Going for Greatness in Goree. Nancy B. has finished the incorporation paperwork that is a precursor to applying for money. In the meantime, we will do what we can with what we have. Next Saturday morning a workday is scheduled to clean out the vacant building on the corner. Our vision for this building is a breezy courtyard with hanging garden. Come if you can at 7:30 a.m.


Jimmy Peek said...

Is the vacant bldg.on the corner south across the street from the old bank bldg.where the Rogers drug store was?

If so I can only think one thing that was on the corner. Somebody put in a grocery store in it in the middle to late 40’s, but they did not last very long.—the rest of the time it was vacant.

Is this where the beautification project going to be?

Tammie said...

Yes sir, this is the corner just south of the bank building. The rain stopped our progress this past Saturday, but hopefully we will work next.

Thanks for the info,