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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Lost Tradition...

Years ago when I was young!!! HAHA, the community used flowergirls at funerals. These girls were selected by the family of the deceased in the same way pall bearers were selected. Usually they got young teen girls. When Dimple's Mother-In-Law passed away the family wanted all 3 of us Brogden girls, even though I was too young. Our family was very close to the Jetton and Lambeth families. So the 3 of us and also my Aunt Avis Harris were selected. You carried a spray of the flowers and made a line on each side of the church door. They carried the casket through this line of flowers. Then sometimes the graveyard was just right by the church and the girls carried these flowers on to the cemetery. The last time I was a flower girl was at the funeral of our Pastor at Friendship Baptist at Hefner, when Bro. Jess Gray passed away. I remember most of the Haskin girls were, as well. It was a privilege to do this for the family. I remember Dimple quite well as a Peek and also after she married S.B. They visited in our home many times and we at theirs as well. Those were the good ole days when people had time for people. Keith, I want to tell you that we appreciate you keeping all of us informed. We get slack in saying thanks, but I personally want to thank you and hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas this year. Thanks again, Reba Brogden Mason
Back during those years the body of a deceased person was kept in the living room of the home until time for the funeral. All night and day there was someone, usually two, setting with the body. Some of you may be able to pick yourself out of the pictures (1951) below. Best I remember all the girls from the Goree High School were the Flower Girls. Reba may very well be in these pictures.

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