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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Small Schools, Small Towns

Keith sent this link to me tons ago, and I'm just now reading it in its' entirety. It's a cool article. The pictures of these old schools are awesome. We, in Goree, are fortunate and should be thankful. We still have activity in our school building, for how long? No one knows! But, for the moment, our building is NOT just a skeleton or a relic. Some Goree-ites were discouraged because MCISD painted the gym other colors, but we have a silver lining...we still have a gym with the hustle and bustle of athletes.

Corn, Shady, Cottonwood, and Mary's, cool schoolz namez!


Keith said...

I think most of you from Goree will enjoy this article about Bomarton and other Baylor County small schools.

Walter Douglas Cunningham is quoted in this article. Most of us know him as Doug. Doug is a retired United States Army officer and is married to Marion Merle Moore, Goree Class of 1948. Doug and Marion live in Goree.

But, duh, Lara K. Richards got the name wrong! The article give his name as William Cunningham. I didn't know that I was reading about my cousin until later when the article mentioned that he was living in Goree.

Maybe we could call Lara, Linda or Lucy???

Wayne Bartos said...

This article on the school at bomarton was very good. but may I make a few corrections. The building was not yellow brick as stated, but of native rock quarried on Millers Creek in the vicinity of the now Millers Creek Resovoir. The last graduating class was my class of 1947. The next year high school students were sent to Seymour, and the grade scool students stayed until 1955. In the '30's and early '40's the Bomarton school took in several rural schools, such as Corn, Shady, Cottonwood, and Mary's Creek. Thanks for remembering some of the older schools and communities. I look forward to more such articles. Wayne Bartos