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Goree is a quaint, quiet town with easy access to the lake, guided hunting/fishing, hunting lodges, RVing, camping and extremely affordable real estate for your very own hunting headquarters. Finally, Goree has the last stop for bait, beverages and snacks before heading to the lake, Millers Creek Reservoir.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Early Post Offices South of the Brazos River

by John H. Bates
I think the early day post offices, in the Goree and surrounding territory should be stressed in this outline, as mail was a welcome sight in the early times.

The old Goree Post Office was established June 2, 1888, with George Benedict as postmaster. On May 2, 1890, William H. Benedict was made postmaster and was succeeded by J. W. McLandon on April 6, 1891.

The Hefner Post Office was established April 21, 1904, with Graves Cayce as postmaster and discontinued June 29, 1907, when mail was sent to present day Goree.

Pueblo, an office just across the Baylor and Knox county line, was established September 30, 1891, with Elbert F. Moore as postmaster.

Old Ample was an early day Post Office that should be included in this report. The following is a history of Ample, sent me by Mrs. Walter Patton, whose mother, Mrs. Phillips was postmaster in an early day. Both the Phillips and Patton families were early day settlers on Bo Creek about nine miles southeast of Goree in 1882.

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