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Goree is a quaint, quiet town with easy access to the lake, guided hunting/fishing, hunting lodges, RVing, camping and extremely affordable real estate for your very own hunting headquarters. Finally, Goree has the last stop for bait, beverages and snacks before heading to the lake, Millers Creek Reservoir.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Neat happening...

Here is an interesting email that I received this morning. Just have to share....awhile ago I joined the Diva's and apparently Ms. Cornell is a member, as well. Thus our common interest sparked a conversation about her connection to our hometown. reply to her email:

How cool! Yes, all of those names and stories are familiar to me. My husband is the one that is actually from Goree. I hear such wonderful stories about Doc Taylor, as they call him. My mother-in-law was a Coffman and I’ve been really interested in their heritage lately and how it fits into the historic aspect of our town. I’m trying to get several landmarks on the historical registry. We just bought the bank building where the drug store and office spaces once called home and plan on renovating it into an office space and hunting lodge. As a matter of fact, the structure got a new roof last week. I’d love to hear your remembrances. Do you have any pictures? I’m interested in the theatre and skating rink, etc. I would like to share our conversation on the Goree blog, as there are many who may be able to fill in the blanks for you.


...her email:

I saw your address as Goree in Knox County . My aunt and uncle lived there from 1906 forward. He was Dr. William Taylor and she was Bettie Madole Taylor and taught 6th grade. His office was behind the drug store. Doris (a man) was the pharmacist. Jack Hampton lived across the street from Uncle Willie and Aunt Bettie. I can't remember the next door neighbor's name, or Clarence's last name who leased the farm. I'll think of more later or maybe their full names will float up.

Best regards,
Becky Madole Cornell

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Becky said...

I am so glad to hear of all your renovations on downtown. My brother is out of the country this week-end, but even though he is 10 years younger than I, he remembers more names, as he was Aunt Bettie's guardian. As soon as he is back, I will ask him about neighbors, etc.

I do remember going in 1956 to a celebration of Uncle Willy having been in practice for 50 years. His partner lived in Haskell. It was a big deal outdoors in a park with speeches, presentations, etc. I shall also ask my mother if she has any pictures.

Maybe we can shoot soon...

Becky Cornell