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Goree is a quaint, quiet town with easy access to the lake, guided hunting/fishing, hunting lodges, RVing, camping and extremely affordable real estate for your very own hunting headquarters. Finally, Goree has the last stop for bait, beverages and snacks before heading to the lake, Millers Creek Reservoir.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hard @ Work

To drive into Goree one must exit and pass under, over, by the new overpass. It's a sad site to say the very least. The state says that they don't have enough man-power to maintain it. We as a town couldn't see the beautiful landscaping, etc. just sit there and go to waste. Sooo, the GGG got to work. Twelve volunteers (Oldies but goodies, teens, and a fourth grader) +1 if you count the baby went out last night armed with tons of gloves, two weedeaters, one push mower that wouldn't push, three tractor shredders, and lotz of gumshion. We made a huge dent in the problem, but it is not quite finished. But, knowing this bunch...I bet they get 'er done.

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